Pusey and Killian Discuss Underpass With Governor


President Pusey and James R. Killian, Jr., chairman of the board of M.I.T., met with Gov. Peabody yesterday afternoon to discuss the Memorial Drive underpasses.

They reportedly appealed to the Governor to use his influence to delay or prevent construction of the underpasses, which are planned for Boylston St., River St., and Western Ave. No details of the meeting were available from University sources, however, and a spokesman said last night that any further information would have to come from the Governor's office.

Answering a question at his press conference yesterday, Peabody said only that "the two college heads expressed the hope it would not be necessary to construct the overpasses."

Pusey, Killian, and Mrs. Bunting also signed a letter read yesterday morning at a legislative hearing. The letter, from the Cambridge Advisory Committee, urged that the effects of the proposed Massachusetts Turnpike extension be studied before any further action is taken on the underpasses.

Over 400 people--including representatives of Harvard and M.I.T.--packed an undersized State House committee room for the hearing.

More than 30 people spoke in favor of three bills that would repeal or amend the 1962 act directing the Metropolitan District Commission to build the underpasses. Only three spoke against the bills.

Among the latter, however, were two legislation from Cambridge--Rep. John J. Toomey and Sen. Francis X. McCann, both Democrats. McCann sponsored the original legislation, and Toomey is chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

The two attacked Harvard, M.I.T., the Cambridge Civic Association, and the Cambridge League of Women Voters. Together they accused the universities of polluting the Charles, destroying the creche in the Cambridge Common in 1949, and having a policeman ticket their cars during a recent snowstorm.

The hearing, which was conducted by the committee on metropolitan affairs, adjourned without any action being taken. The committee is expected to report all three bills as a package.