Mass. Board Will Allocate College Cash

Gov. Peabody is expected to appoint a committee within two weeks to allocate $7 million in federal funds for expanding college facilities, according to Joseph Courtney, Director of Program Planning of the state Office of Administration and Finance.

In an earlier statement, President Pusey Indicated the College would probably not apply for funds but that Harvard would make its final decision after the official elgibility standards had been set up. The new Higher Education Facilities Commission will presumably establish the criteria for granting aid in the near future.

The establishment of the Commission would probarly not alter any present or future building plans of the College or graduate schools, according to L. Gard Wiggins, Administrative Vice-President.

Ed School Has Applied

An official of the School of Education indicated, however, that its "informal" application for $383,000 construction on Appian Way has been acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Under Title 2 of the Higher Education Facilities Act, the new Commission can designate funds only for undergraduate facilities. Graduate schools apply directly to the Department.

The School of Education will reportedly make further applications under the Act for future construction projects.

Most states have already established similar commissions. Conflict within the Massachusetts state government has delayed appointment of the Commission. Owen B. Kiernan, state Commissioner of Education, wanted the job of allocating funds assigned to the already existing Board of Collegiate Authority, but opponents objected that the Board did not adequately represent the state's colleges.

The new Commission will be composed of representatives of public and private institutions.