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Harvard undergraduates just don't make the grade, according to Gael Greene, author of the recently published Sex and the College Girl.

"Radcliffe girls are much more sexually sophisticated than their Harvard counterparts," she said in an interview yesterday. Her conclusions were based on interviews conducted at Leverett House while she was doing research for her book.

"Sexually Retarded"

The typical Harvard student tends to be "a little retarded sexually" and "very conservative" about sex. He clings steadfastly to the old double standard and looks down on "emancipated" girls.

"There are more male virgins at Harvard than anyone realizes," she added.

Not all undergraduates are sexually retarded, however. "There are plenty of Don Juan's around who are spreading the gospel about the sweetness of sex-love."

As for the Radcliffe girl, her intelligence tends to emancipate her from traditional values. "When you're in love, it's all right" is becoming the new dictum. She attributes this trend in part to today's "sex-tittillating" society. "Ten years ago, Richard Burton and Liz Taylor would have taken separate hotel suites."

"Sugging the Girls"

The unsophistication of the Harvard boy "is really bugging the girls," according to Miss Greene. "Fortunately, there is that great body of graduate men" to meet 'Cliffies on their own level.

Miss Greene favors allowing Harvard Houses to be "completely open." While some girls will become "panicked" under such a system, she feels that "there should be some way to protect the minority without legislating against the majority."

Turning to the "sex scandal" this fail, Miss Greene called Mrs. Hunting "the only calm and intelligent voice." In contrast, Sarah G. Bianding, president of Vassar, is "an anachronism."

She disagreed with the contention of Dr. Graham R. Biaine, psychiatrist to the University Health Services, that undergraduates are not emotionally equipped to deal with sexual intercourse. Miss Greene suspected that the happy cases, which never came before Biaine, far exceed the unhappy ones. "I do not think sex necessarily leads to Dr. Biaine's coach."

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