The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I and other members of our executive committee were disturbed by an error in your article of May 7 on the coming civil rights "mail-in." In that article the Young Democrats were listed among those organizations which endorsed the demonstration This is not correct.

A request for our support has not been submitted either to the general membership or to the executive committee. While the Harvard-Radcliffe Young Democrats' firm support of the civil rights movement has never been in doubt, as evidenced by our active participation in the Boston School Boycott, we have not had any opportunity to express our opinion in regard to this demonstration except as individuals.

I have been told that this report did, in fact, originate from the chairman of our civil rights sub-committee. Contrary to the erroneous report of the CRIMSON, he spoke as an individual. A. J. Heath   First Vice President, HRYD