Marshalls Announced

Four Harvard students and one from Radcliffe are among the 24 Americans named Marshall Scholars for 1964-65. Harvard led the nation with the four award-winners, followed by two each from Princeton and M.I.T.

Marshall scholarships, each worth about $2,240 a year, entitle winners to attend any one of Britain's 27 universities. The British Government has now awarded 192 Marshall Scholarships since announcing the project in 1953.

The Harvard winners are: Richard H. Grossman '64, of Lowell House and Beverly Hills, Calif; Alfred F. Guzzetti '64, of Kirkland House and Philadelphia, Pa.; and James A. Shapiro '64, of Leverett House and Chicago, Ill. The fourth winner, Sanford D. Greenberg, of 19 Wendell St., Cambridge, and Buffalo, N.Y., is a second-year government student at the Graduate School.

The Radcliffe winner is Kate L. Bernstein '64, of 56 Linnaean St. and Great Neck, N.Y.