Down With Faye

A vote for Faye is a vote for anarchy. Her candidacy threatens that deep moral seriousness we have, through the years, come to associate with Class Marshalship.

Of her thirty-three opponents, twenty-seven have served Harvard as athletes. Twenty-one belong to clubs. Twenty have worked on House Committees, Political Organizations, or HCUA. Such emblems of service are conspicuously absent from Miss Levine's credentials. To make matters worse she is a female.

Women are irrational, that's all there is to that: their heads are full of cotton, hay and rags. They are hyper-emotional; imagine our dismay should Miss Levine devastate the solemnity of commencement by weeping when handed her diploma by Dr. Pusey or, worse, by giggling. They are scatterbrained: could she successfully attend to the affairs of her class when occupied, in years to come, by that distasteful business of cooking, sewing, and having babies?

Miss Levine has chosen to advance her campaign by asserting that she has attended Harvard for four years, that she will receive a Harvard diploma, that she has been active in Harvard undergraduate activities, that women may serve on Harvard's Board of Overseers. Shall we endorse and compound these evils? That is the true, sordid challenge posed by her slogan "All the Way with Faye."

In actuality, Miss Levine is a student at Radcliffe College, one of the "heavenly seven" sister schools to the Ivy League. Her connection with the yang world of Harvard is dubious at best. In consequence, her candidacy represents a piece of girlish bufoonery that the CRIMSON, and seniors the college wide, have no choice but to deprecate.


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