Abramson Selected First Class Marshal

The most widely publicized class marshal elections in Harvard's 329-year history are over.

The first, second, third, and fourth marshals are, in that order: David H. Abramson of Eliot House and Jamaica Estates, N.Y.; John S. F. Daly of 142 Pearl St. Cambridge and Gladstone, Ill.; Ricardo A. Wilson of Adams House and Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Jerry Mechling of Leverett House and Columbus, Ohio.

The class marshals constitute the main part of the Class Committee. They help plan commencement and lead their class at the graduation exercises. Marshals also serve as the main channel of communication between the Alumni Association and their class and help in reunion and fund-raising activities.

There was apparent surprise in all quarters last night that David P. Eisenman had not finished in one of the top four slots.

"I find it hard to believe," said Richard C. Minzner '65, Adams House HCUA representative, "that Eisenman didn't win. He did well in Adams House and he was doing well in the whole college even before he got all his publicity." Eisenman lives in Adams House.

No individual totals are being released and there was no information available concerning the number of write-in votes that Faye Levine may have received.

William P. Saum '65, elections chairman, said that each candidate had the option of finding out how he had ranked.

Discussing the events of the last few days, and the results of the elections, Saum said that he thought the Class of '65 had taken the final elections very seriously.

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