Mystery Buttons Exhort Harvard: Catch Tiger Tail

Dining Hall ladies are wearing them, Coop salesman are wearing them, even MTA drivers are wearing them. Suddenly all over the Square "Get The Tiger's Tail" buttons have mysteriously appeared. Everybody's got one, but no one seems to know where they came from.

The buttons are the latest in a series of football boosters which began with "Down With Big Red" and "I Hate Green Indians." The pattern of appearance has been mysteriously similar.

Mum's the Word

Chuck F. Irwin '66, known "pusher" and undergraduate manager of the football team was predictably mum about the affair when contacted yesterday. He would only say that the buttons are being distributed by "a group of enthusiastic individual undergraduates. I started them with the football team and they've proved so infectious that distribution spread."

When asked if the grateful Harvard community would ever discover the identity of their stealthy benefactors, Irwin replied, "No, absolutely not."