Interhouse Fans Swarm to 'Cliffe

Partriotic Harvard undergraduates, dedicated to the encouragement of creeping mergerism through interhouse dining, are presenting themselves at Radcliffe bell-desks and volunteering to eat enough meals to keep the system going.

Four eager eaters called Comstock Hall Wednesday afternoon to reserve places at dinner, but they were unable to find a sponsor and returned home hungry.

Five Kirkland boys who "like to eat with girls" showed up at Moors on Wednesday night. They fared better than their comrades had at Comstock because a friend of theirs in the dorm recognized the urgency of filling the Moors quota.

Other groups, known in bell-desk circles as "cruisers," go from dorm to form, checking the tag-board for girls who might be willing to invite them to dinner.

The Cruisers noted that Cliffie reaction to their propositions is unpredictable. They say that they usually get an invitation in the end, but they are first exposed to anger, indignation, and an occasional "I'd love to have you, but wouldn't it be more fun if we all went but somewhere?"

One of the Cruisers suggested establishing "a combination clearing house and adoption agency to issue figures on how many boys are needed at the 'Cliffe and which girls are willing to do their civic duty."

No cruising officials have been reported at the Harvard Houses.