Freshman Squash Bounces Blithely Past Opposition to Compile 13-0 Record

There is a time-honored rule that "You win without the guns." Harvard's Freshman squash team this year had the guns, and maybe a few extras .

the very start of the season, was no question that this was to be one of Harvard's better freshman squash squads. The team started by drubbing Andover, the nation's interscholastic team, 5-2. Then followed six successive shutouts before got on the scoreboard in a .

An 'All-Timer'?

But it was not until the final match, top opponent Yale, that this could be considered one of the timers." Yale was thrashed, 7-2, Harvard had completed a 13-0 season. The Crimson lineup was solid all the down, but it was up front that it sparkled. Rick Sterne and Captain Gonzalez, numbers one and two, not come close to losing a match. dropped only a single game the season.

The two aces are the last Harvard national champions since Vic Niederhoffer. Gonzalez won the National Junior Championship last December without losing a game. Sterne captured the college freshman championship in the same fashion.

To win team matches, though, it takes more than two stars. Harvard's next four players, Gordon Black, John Whitbeck, Alex Shoumatoff, and Bing Miller, can probably whip almost any college freshman outside of Harvard.

Converted Tennis Player

The bottom three slots were filled by converted tennis players Bernie Adelsberg, Bo Jones, and Howard Georgi. Adelsberg was undefeated for the season. Charlie Whipple and Peter Gable, a couple of experienced players, rounded off the team, which won 90 of 102 individual matches.

Harvard's depth can be explained by one factor: Coach H. Corey Wynn '40. Wynn, who also serves as freshman tennis coach, persuaded all his top tennis players to take up squash in the winter. This added considerably to the team's strength, especially as the season progressed.

In 19 years as freshman squash couch, Wynn has compiled an amazing 150-31 record. That's winning 83 per cent of the time. He has never had a losing season, and three of his last five teams have had perfect records.

It's almost enough to make varsity coach Jack Barnaby Jealous. FRESHMAN SQUAD Won 13, Lost 0 HARVARD 5  Andover 2 HARVARD 5  Exeter 0 HARVARD 9  Amherst 0 HARVARD 9  M.I.T. 0 HARVARD 9  Dartmouth 0 HARVARD 5  Exeter 0 HARVARD 9  Penn 0 HARVARD 7  Princeton 2 HARVARD 8  Williams 1 HARVARD 5  Deerfield 2 HARVARD 7  Choate 0 HARVARD 4  Andover 3 HARVARD 7  Yale 2