Victoria's Court

The Law School blew its cool yesterday, and over Vicki Albright at that. Vicki received the Blackstone Law Club's first "Woman of the Year" award last night in an informal ceremony. There were no long introductions, no speeches, and no chairs.

Vicki stood on a table in the midst of 60 cheering, jeering law students as they shouted questions at her: "When will you be 15?" "I read Time. Who's Vicki Albright?" "Do you go steady?"

The ceremony's tone was set by a group of pickets who carried signs reading "Vicki, Go Home," "Why Not Radcliffe?" and "Press Agents, We're Not Fooled." Miss Albright told the group she was "glad Harvard people are showing some opposition." But the biggest cheer of the evening went to the law student who contradicted her, yelling across the room, "No, we're indifferent."

She is cute, though.