Golf Team Wins Twice, Smashes Williams, B.C.

The Harvard golf team, off to its best start in years, mangled Boston College and Williams 5-2 in a triangular match at the Myopia Hunt Club on Wednesday.

Brian McGuinn, playing number one for the Crimson, took double bogeys the last two holes when he hooked his drives out of bounds and lost to Hodgson of Williams I up. McGuinn had already closed out B.C.'s O'Brian. Harvard Captain Jim Campen, saying number two, turned in a 75, the team's low medal round of the day, and purposed of B.C.'s Sullivan 5-3 and Williams' Wilson 4-3.

Jim Buchanan, at number three for harvard, lost to Kehoe of B.C. 2 up and Dexter Alexander of Williams 5-4. At number four, Mike Millis of Harvard owned Burns of B.C. 5-3 and Oimstead Williams 3-2.

The Crimson's fifth man, Steve Bergnas, pounded Sgarzi of B.C. 6-5 but lost to Williams' Linen 1 up. Playing number for Harvard, John Hawkins shot a put and buried both Wilcox of B.C. and Johnson of Williams by 6-5 scores. Peter Tague, at number seven for Harvard, also recorded a 76 and downed Lynch of B.C. 6-1 and Sleezer of Williams 5-3. Tague played Lynch for four years straight, has beaten him each time.

Harvard's record now stands at four and a loss. The team's next match be on Friday against Penn and in, Philadelphia.