Political Clinkers and Cultural Slag

Felicia Lamport lives in Cambridge. She has published Scrap Irony, a volume of light verse, and Mink on Weekdays, an account of her childhood in New York. Some of the pieces below have appeared in Harper's and McCall's, and will be included in another book of verse to be published soon by Houghton-Mifflin.

The illustration is by Edward Gorey.

Literary Survey

When the first rays of dawn on a Somerset Maugham

Make the Frost-laden atmosphere mellow,


We can welcome the day in a new Hemingway

With a perfectly glorious Bellow.

How pleasant the soiree we spend in Le Carre

Where spies are too cold to be randy,

But the blackest of humor afflicts the consumer

Who gulps Southern comfort like candy.

As the novelist pegs existentialist eggs

That explode in our Burroughs and hit us

Like Becketts of blood, we, in deep Malamud

Try O'Hara the doggy that bit us.