team of scientists yesterday investigation into the cause Monday's multi-million explosion at the Cambridge Accelerator.

Exploration of the massive exmental hall was limited to a area where the roof has been of 200-pound concrete which were left dangling thin wires by the blast. Integrators will move into other of the structure as workmen the remaining blocks. That expected to take more than .

scientists spent several yesterday photographing the and sifting the rubble for of equipment used in being conducted at the of the blast.

at it was that set off the still remains a Robert Cummings, assistant of the accelerator, present yesterday that the investiga-would be "a long and tedioustion."

of the investigators, Herman , research fellow in Physics, the team was working "very ." Each man must carry -sensitive devices, he said, of the danger that some gas may still be trapped in .

team of investigators experts sent in from New the AEC, as well as from Harvard and M.I.T. universities operate the jointly.