Gen Ed Draft Ready For Faculty Debate

The Committee on Educational Policy yesterday approved the text of the Gen Ed program that emerged from last year's Faculty debate.

The CEP approved the proposals in general last spring and made only minor changes yesterday in the legislation drafted by Edward T. Wilcox, director of advanced standing and secretary of the committee.

The report will be mailed to the Faculty Monday and its contents will be disclosed then. Although the new program has been drawn up along the lines suggested by Faculty votes last year, it is believed to contain several new proposals not yet specifically debated by the Faculty last year.

Sources close to the committee said that they believe the Faculty votes do not outline a consistent program. They said the proposals which will be mailed Monday are "in the sprit of the Faculty's vote" although some of the specific votes may appear to be contradicted.

The CEP was asked to draft a new General Education program last March after the Faculty threw out many of the proposals of the Committee to Review the Status and Problems of the General Education (the Doty Committee).

Dean Ford said yesterday that he expects the Faculty to debate the CEP's new program at its first meeting of the year on Oct. 18.

If the program is passed before the Christmas vacation, Dean Ford said, the new program could go into effect next year. Ford feels that even if Faculty debates delay passage of the program until early 1966, the new system can be in operation next year.

The dean added that the first thing to be taken care of after the conclusion of the debates would be the appointment of a new committee on General Education. The dean will probably be chairman of the new committee.