Harvard Breaks Rhodes Record: Committee Selects Ten Scholars

Harvard students have won ten of this year's 32 Rhodes Scholarships -- the largest number awarded to any college in the program's history.

None of the other 22 colleges and universities who had Rhodes Scholars this year were even close. Yale, with two winners, came in second.

Leverett, Adams Lead

Leverett and Adams House had two Rhodes Scholars each. One was chosen from Quincy, Kirkland, Lowell, and Winthrop Houses. Eliot House, which last year had three Scholars, was not represented this year.

Last year Harvard had eight Scholarship winners. This year's Rhodes Scholars are:

Stephen J. Bergman '66, of Leverett House and Hudson, N.Y., Jonathan D. Culler '66, of Kirkland House and Hamden, Conn., Charles W. Filson '66, of Adams House and Springfield, Ill., William P. Frerking '66, of Quincy House and St. Louis, Mo.

Also chosen were Curtis A. Hessler '66 of Leverett House and Woodland Hills, Calif., John W. Roper Jr. '66 of Lowell House and Twin Falls, Idaho, William F. White '66 of Winthrop House and Canton, Miss., and Terrence F. Malick '66 of Adams House and Bartlesville, Okla.

Gerald P. Hillman '66 of West Roxbury, a travelling fellow this year at Harvard, and Donald H. Regan '63, of Kingsport, Tenn., a third-year student at the University of Virginia Law School were also named.

Each student will receive about $2500 annually to support him for either two or three years at Oxford University in their chosen field.

Winners are selected on the basis of excellence in a variety of areas and activities, both intellectual and physical. A total of 1,798 have been selected since 1902.