Keep Cliffies Outa Lamont, HUC Insists

Asks Major Reforms At Hilles Lib Instead

The Harvard Undergraduate Council last night refused to back a proposal to admit Cliffies into Lamont on a limited basis.

Instead, the Council asked for an "improvement of library conditions at Harvard and Radcliffe."

The plan that the HUC rejected had been approved last week by the Radcliffe Government Association. It would have allowed Cliffies to take out reserve books in Lamont between 9 and 5 daily, except during reading period and exams.

Too Far to Walk

Cliffies have argued that they can't make it back to Hilles during the day and that the library is overcrowded at night.

But the HUC, though sympathetic to the Cliffies' problems, decided they could be better solved by getting more books on reserve at Hilles and letting Cliffies check them out for longer.

Sharon O'Brien '67, one of the two girls who represented the 'Cliffe before the HUC last night, called the HUC's new plan a "rational proposal."

"If the HUC can help us solve our reserve book problem," she said, "we really have no basis for our claim to get into Lamont."

Under the HUC plan, only Cliffies would be allowed to check out books at Hilles. They would be able to check out closed reserve books any time during the day and not have to return them until 5 p.m.

The HUC also called for a "complete study of the usage of reserve books" in both Hilles and Lamont. It will ask the University's Library Committee today to undertake that study.

Dean Ford said last week that the Committee intends to "take another look at letting the girls in." But the HUC resolution makes it even more unlikely that they will get in after all.