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Want a good cook? Mind getting married to her? Then Box 2000 is probably your best bet.

An adventurous Radcliffe junior has advertised in the CRIMSON for a man who will wed her, move into an apartment with her, and get an annulment 12 months hence. She was vague about other details, but promised "we can work it out."

This odd proposal is really, according to the anonymous Cliffie, a protest against the college. Radcliffe has refused to let her to move off-campus next year, because she won't turn 21 until February. She can't bear living in the brick dormitories and feels she needs the privacy of an apartment to write an honors thesis in History and Literature.

Remains Anonymous

She wants to remain anonymous because that's more fitting with Radcliffe's standards of decorum, she says. Would be suitors don't care, apparently; she's already gotten 12 responses.

One respondent advised her to live with a front man and legally change her name to his without getting married. An other answered ominously with simply a scrawled "Well?"

Yet another suitor, obviously an Adams House resident who wasn't allowed to move off either, took her offer more seriously. "Dorm life is hell," he agreed. "When are you available for an audition?"

She hasn't decided which offer she'll accept--or whether she'll' accept, Radcliffe has hurriedly begun to make special living provision for her for next year.

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