Mayor Hayes Heads Raid on Hippie Orgy, Finds Seedy Crimeds

Cambridge Police reported yesterday that residents of Harvard Square were complaining about a wild orgy, underway with "up to 75 hippies inhabiting s single room" at 14 Plympton Street.

Police alerted Daniel J. Hayes Jr., Mayor of Cambridge who sped to police headquarters and took personal charge of a raid on the premises. As part of his war against hippies, Hayes has promised to keep an all night vigil in anticipation of sueth raids from now until Nov. 7.

Upon arrival at the Plympton Street address, however, police said they found nothing but an introductory meeting for would-be editors of Cambridge's only breakfast-table daily.

While no arrests were made, police said that quantities of questionable printed matter were confiscated. They speculated that alchoholic beverages and some-think called "coke" had been consumed. Sources close to the paper said the be-in would be repeated tonight at 7:00 p.m.

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