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The press secretary of last weekend's national convention of College Young Democrats accused Democratic National Committee Chairman John Bailey and New York Democratic State Committee Chairman John Bailey and New York Democratic State Committee Chairman John Burns, "among others," of "putting strong pressure" on delegates to elect a pro-Johnson candidate the new permanent chairman of the organization.

According to James M. Holloman '69, the press secretary, threats of club charter revocation, phone calls from presidential advisor W. Martin Watson, and possibly money from the Democratic National. Committee were all used by the "leadership of the Democratic party."

Cynthia Conrad, a Conn. College for Women delegate, said last night, "We were told by implication, that if we refused to vote for Johnson candidates and resolutions, our club charter would be revoked by John Bailey. We were unwillingly controlled by him." Bailey could not be reached for comment.

Hollomon said yesterday, "my sources indicate that the Connecticut-Washington suite was payed for by the Democratic National Committee." Dennis R. Kanin '68, chairman of the Massachusetts College Young Democrats, called the alleged payment "highly irregular" last night.

According to Hollomon, who as press secretary was in charge of outside communications, Watson called from the White House at approximately the same time as that meeting. Miss Conrad, who was sitting in the suite at the time recalled last night hearing one of the coalition leaders taking "some kind of order from Watson who was on the other end of the phone call." Watson was unavailable for comment.

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