Anti-Rusk Rioters Fight on 6th Ave.

NEW YORK, Nov. 14--A riotous mob screaming "Peace" battled police for control of Sixth Avenue tonight, as a violent anti-war demonstration against Secretary of State Dean Rusk spread half a mile along the busy midtown thorough-fare.

Shoulder to shoulder at some points, charging the mob at intervals, massed police cleared the avenue after two hours of melee that surged between 55th and 42nd streets. In its aftermath, Sixth Avenue was littered with debris.

Rusk addressed a dinner meeting of the Foreign Policy Association at the New York Hilton Hotel, on Sixth Avenue between 53rd and 54th Streets.

When the secretary left the hotel by car shortly before 11 p.m., there were no pickets in sight as long lines of uniformed police stood by.

Rusk had departed from his prepared remarks to direct words at the demonstrators outside: "If those who carry the banner ['Peace In Vietnam'] could find some way to produce a representative of North Vietnam," Rusk said, he'd be glad to meet him.

Outside, terrified theatregoers found themselves trapped in taxicabs that were rocked by the demonstrators. Pickets on Sixth Avenue threw plastic bags of red paint at police.