Pusey, Deans Reject SDS Offer to Debate

President Pusey, Dean Ford, and Dean Glimp said yesterday that they would not debate the University's neutrality with three leaders of the Harvard Students for a Democratic Society.

In letters issued Friday, SDS had challenged the officials to a debate before Christmas.

Glimp said yesterday that he had refused primarily because his schedule until Christmas is tight. "It's been a pretty busy time since October 25" [the date of the Dow demonstration], he added.


"Some important questions are involved," Glimp said, but a debate "is not a productive format...for understanding surrounding issues."

Declines By Telephone


Glimp telephoned Mark Dyen '70, co-chairman of SDS, yesterday morning to announce his decision. He called Dyen later in the day to say that Pusey and Ford had also declined.

Dyen said last night that he had not expected the SDS challenge to be accepted. He criticized what he called the Administration's view of their "dignity" and "responsibility," which he said would prevent them from debating with students.

'They're always talking about free discussion and keeping the lines of communication open," Dyen said. "But they think they don't have to answer the questions that students raise."

He said that SDS would argue its position--that the University is not neutral--at an open meeting Thursday night.

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