HSA Expands Its Space Twofold With New Offices on Mass. Avenue

The Information Gathering Service, HSA's largest business, is moving to the third floor of the Putnam Furniture Store on Mass. Ave. The new facilities will double HSA's working space.

IGS, which uses student workers on research projects for industry, has already signed a five-year lease for 5000 square feet, and will move from its present Holyoke St. basement offices in January. HSA will temporarily sublet part of the new space, but will keep from 800 to 2500 square feet for itself.

IGS is not the only division of HSA that is expanding. The publishing department is increasing its output. Besides the new edition of Let's Go, the Student Guide to Europe, HSA is publishing Let's Go II, the Student Guide to Adventure, which covers travel in such exotic regions as Central Africa and Red China.

Andrew P. Tobias '68, president of HSA, said yesterday that How to Earn Money in College, a new book which will offer HSA's advice on making money to newer student agencies on other campuses, will appear in January.