Fencing Team Downs Yale, 19-8

Harvard's varsity fencers ended a long drought Saturday, drenching Yale, 19-8.

With their sixth consecutive triumph over Yale, the Crimson salvaged a fifth place Ivy finish while shoving the Elis into their traditional cellar position.

Seniors Takashi Iwasawa in foil and Brian Keidan in epee both swept three bouts putting them in the running for all-Ivy first team. Each has a total of 11 wins in 15 League bouts. Another senior, Tom Musliner, took two bouts to run his Ivy total to 10 wins, Musliner, who was first team all-Ivy in his sophomore year, should make the second team this year.

Captain Bob Damus set the mood in the first sabre bout whitewashing Steve Mayberg, 5-0. After losing the first touch. Paul Profeta followed with five straight touches to clobber Tom Edwards, 5-1. Sophomore Bob Barnard completed the first-round sabre, sweep by edging Steve Getman, 5-4.

Musliner and Iwasawa promptly took up the hatchet in foil and shattered their victims 5-0.


Yale's first victory came in the sixth bout, and the Yale bench emitted a feeble cheer. But the enthusiasm died quickly as the slaughter continued.

With the match already decided in the final round. Harvard coach' Edo Marion substituted team manager Jeff Friedman in foil to avenge a similar insult from Yale coach Al Grasson seven years ago.

Friedman's Ivy debut made up in spirit what it lacked in form. Landing several thrusts off-target. Friedman irked Yale's John Lee enormously but gave him the first four points. When Friedman finally scored the fifth point, Harvard partisans gave him a lengthy standing ovation. Friedman's Ivy record is 0-1.

Harvard ended with a 1-4 Ivy record and came out 8-7 overall.

In other fencing action, seniors Profeta and Damus -- with three wins each against Yale --placed first and second respectively in the New England sabre tournament of the Amateur Fencers League of America. Profeta's victory qualified him for the AFLA Nationals this spring.

Musliner finished only fourth in the New England AFLA foil two weeks ago, but a second place in an earlier Open AFLA Qualifying tournament will put him in the Nationals. His success against stiff competition in the Open made him the only Crimson fencer to earn a national "B" rating. The ranking automatically qualifies him for the prestigious Martini-Rossi International Invitational at the New York Athletic Club in April.

The New England AFLA epee competition next weekend will include Keidan and Harry Jergesen, who came up with two 5-1 victories against Yale.