Cliffies to Live and Study at Yale To Demonstrate It Can Be Done

Yalies came to Radcliffe last night to recruit bodies for a massive protest they're calling "Coeducation Week at Yale."

Yale's beaded ambassador to the 'Cliffe, James Ward, claims that between 700 and 900 girls from 20 different colleges will converge on New Haven the week of Nov. 4. They will live in the Eli's dormitorics, taking over entire floors and entryways, and will attend classes and seminars.

Twenty Cliffies agreed to donate a week to the cause.

The Coeducation Week was proposed by the Yale Student Advisory Board, and is reluctantly sanctioned by the administration, Ward told a gathering of girls in Mabel Daniels Hall last night.

Yale's administration is planning to institute coeducation in two to four years, but Ward said, "it is necessary now." He claimed that Yale is losing some of its best applicants to coeducational schools like Harvard, and has therefore had to lower its admissions standards. "We're not saying there's a lot of dummies [at Yale], but . . ." he shrugged.

Ward said that perhaps the most important outcome of the demonstration would be that some Yalies might learn to "treat women as people." It will, of course, be "a hell of a good time"

But the Cliffies were more uncertain about the purpose of it all. Whispered one, "I have two hour exams on Friday," and another asked whether or not Yale's libraries would be open to them.

Expenses for the experiment will amount to about $12,000, Ward estimated. The girls will pay $1.50 a day for meals at the college dining halls, and must provide their own transportation.