The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The front page article, "SDS Threatens ROTC Confrontation" (Nov. 19), misrepresents SDS as an organization eager for violent confrontation regardless of issues. The CRIMSON distorts our tactics and deemphasizes our goals--for example, the direct misquote of Toby Campion regarding the December 3rd Faculty meeting: "We will bust through physically and make ourselves known by our noise and numbers." Campion in fact said the opposite: that we should have a large rally December 3rd to demand the abolition of ROTC but that this does not mean we should bust in physically. No decision was made Monday night concerning tactics to be used if the Faculty disregards our demands.

The CRIMSON reporter ignores the real issue of U.S. government suppression of Vietnamese people and American blacks. We object to ROTC not because we dislike Harvard, but because we object to the unjust and brutal policies pursued by the government around the world. ROTC is an instrument of these policies, hence we object to ROTC. It is clear that merely denying ROTC academic credit and reducing it to extra-curricular status, or redistributing its courses in other departments, would not eliminate ROTC's capacity to secure human resources on this campus. Peter Bilazarian '69   for the SDS Anti-War Committee