The Liberal Challenge: State by State

Can They Take Control?

On page two you read what the anti-Humphrey forces plan to do at a general national level. Here, state by state, you can see how they are progressing and what the individual plans are. Compiled by ROBERT H. KRIM.

Note--NDC stands for the New Democratic Coalition which is a group of dovish anti-Administration forces who are liberals. The "party" referred to is the Democratic Party.


The biracial liberal National Democratic Party (NDP) which left Chicago unrecognized is running 160 candidates for office this fall in preparation for a future legitimization move within the national party. Leader John Cashin, a Huntsville dentist, is attempting to set up a parallel party structure. The major question in state politics will probably be answered folowing the November election, will Wallace's old-line party withdraw all the way down to the precinct-level from the national Democratic Party?



The party will probably remain in the moderate hands of men like Humphreyite Mike Gravel, the party senatorial candidate. New Democratic Coalition organizers haven't made contact with state liberals yet, though they will probably work through retiring Sen. Ernest Greuning '07, an early dove, who Gravel deleated in a recent primary. McCarthy forces were weak.


Following the September 27 party county conventions, liberals will probably control about forty per cent of the party apparatus--a significant gain over a year ago--and have an excellent possibility of winning a majority in 1970 under the progressive leadership of the Udall brothers--Cong. Morris and retiring Interior Secretary Stewart.

The liberal block, based in Maricopa County Phoenix) with about half the state's population) and Tucson (University of Arizona), hasn't yet formed a coalition with the large--still unmilitant-brown (Mexican-American) community, but that may soon change. With Barry Goldwater's victory in a November Senate contest all but assured, the conservative party apparatus, long nurtured by retiring Sen. Carl Hayden's patronage, will suffer a serious setback opening the way for a 1970 liberal coup.


Liberal party members are few and far between, many have joined moderate Governor Winthrop Rockefeller's Republican Party. Sen. J. W. Fulbright is about the best party members can hope for especially while Wallace's growing support threatens even moderate elements of the party.


Kennedy and McCarthy liberals have overwhelming control of whatever party organization exists and have demonstrated popular support in all party primaries. The name of the game is "Big Daddy" Speaker Jesse Unruh who wants the gubernatorial nod in 1970. Up against Kennedy-man Unruh in '70 will probably be San Francisco Mayor "the John Lindsay of the West" Joseph Alioto who, though nominating Humphrey in Chicago, is still very much a liberal on policy.

Although the large and very liberal California Democratic Council (CDC) which backed McCarthy from the beginning suffered defeat in the close and then tragic June presidential primary, it is the major organized force on the Democratic side. The CDC is policy-oriented and very much into the new politics of mass media and coalitions with black and brown (Mexican-American) peoples.