New Yard Ballot Asked For SFAC

The outgoing chairman of the Student-Faculty Advisory Committee (SFAC) revealed yesterday that he has suggested that the Freshman Council hold new elections for posts on the SFAC to fore-stall charges of irregularities.

Kenneth M. Glazier '69, whose term as SFAC chairman ends next month, said that "questions have been raised" about the management of the elections, held in December. He added that he "suggested unofficially" to the successful candidates that the elections might be held again to prevent a delay in seating of the freshman representatives when the new committee takes office in February.

Three freshmen--Samuel Z. Goldhaber, James T. Healy Jr., and Thomas Price--charged in December that the elections were held without sufficient publicity. The three ran as write-in candidates, claiming that they did not find out that they were eligible to run for SFAC until too late to file petitions to appear on the ballot. The write-in votes were not counted by the Freshman Council, which certified the elections.

Only three Freshman candidates--John F. Gillespie, Joseph B. Gurman, and Michael J. Ryan--apeared on the ballot for the three freshman spots on SFAC. Gillespie said that Glazier suggested to him, Gurman, and Ryan that the elections be held over, but that "the effort of holding a representative election in which all freshmen would be able to vote was too great to be duplicated."

Glazier said yesterday that upperclassmen running for posts on the new SFAC should file petitions by Monday for Wednesday's election.


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