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Gild Your Mind: A Golden Oldies Quiz

By Andrew G. Fraknoi

Is these troubled times, when our most cherished traditions are being swept aside, the CRIMSON is proud to continue its time-honored practice of distracting you from those badly needed hours of cramming with a short quiz designed to test your knowledge of that dying genre of popular songs, the oldie but goodie. (Score yourself: 0-20 fair; 20-25, sort of good; 35-50, pretty good; 50-60, good; 60-70, real good; 71-75, goodest of all.) Student winners will receive a copy of "You Can't Sit Down," personally autographed by all the faculty members who were at that meeting in Paine Hall last month. Answers will appear next week.

Popular Astronomy

Identify the heavenly objects in the big hits by the following:

1. The Capris

2. The Elegants

3. Gerry and the Pacemakers

4. Bobby Helms

Breakfast at Tiffany's

5. They did "Ll'l Darlin"

6. The Paradons had this big hit

7. He told you about the "Birds and the Bees"

8. Both Dion and the Drifters sang about her

Musical Anatomy

Identify the parts of the human body in the big hits by:

9. The Cleftones

10. The Beatles

11. Stevie Wonder

12. Paul Anka

Jock Power

What from of exercise did the following artists recommend?

13. The Diamonds

14. Chubby Checker

15. Lee Allen

16. The Newbeats

A Toughie

The lead singer of the group which hit it big with "Bristol Stomp" later went on to do a few hits of his own. Name:

17. The group

18. The singer

19. Any of his hits

Gov. Volpe Memorial Question

Who sang these famous songs about means of transportation?

20. Beep Beep

21. Ship of Love

22. Tell Laura I Love Her

23. Walk Like a Man

The Numbers Racket

Can you name the "16" songs by these artists:

24. The Crests

25. Neil Sedaka

26. Johnny Burnette

27. Connie Stevens

28. Chuck Berry

Music and Art

Who sang:

29. portrait of My Love

30. You Don't Have to Paint Me a Picture

31. Framed

Small Talk

In what songs did the following artists sing about the weather?

32. The Jesters

33. The Spaniels

34. Dee Clark

35. Gogi Grant

Human Folly

Who sang:

36. Why Do Fools Fall in Love

37. Foolish Little Girl

38. Fools Fall in Love

39. King of Fools


These groups had a lot more success after they changed their names. Whom did they become?

40. Tom and Jerry

41. The Four Lovers

42. The Moroccos


Who did these songs with similar tities?

43. People Say

44. People Are Talking

45. Get A Job

46. Got a Job

47. Goodnight My Love

48. Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Unite these lead singers with their groups:

49. Johnny Maestro The Limelites

50. Harvey Fuqua The Enchanters

51. Shep Sheppard The Moonglows

52. Garnet Mimms The Tokens

53. Neil Sedaka The Crests

Ancient History

Who did the original versions of these hits?

54. Love Potion No.9

55. Honey Don't

56. Till

57. Houndog

58. Good Lovin'

59. Not Fade Away

Act Naturally

60. In what movie did the Platters sing "Great Pretender"?

61. What movie featured both the Flamingos and Chuck Berry?

62. Who sang the theme song for the T.A.M.I. show?

63. What was it called?

64. In which movie did Elvis sing "Teddy Bear"?

Apologetically Yours

Who sang:

65. I'm Sorry

66. Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)

67. Gee Baby I'm Sorry

68. Who's Sorry Now

69. Let's Start All Over Again

One Track Mind

70. Who said she would "Follow the Boys" "Where the Boys Are"?

71. Who had an album entitled "Boys Boys Boys"?

72. Who sang "Lookin' for Boys"?

73. What was "Girls Girls Girls"?

74. Who hit it big with the Girl Watchers' Theme?

75. Who sang "One Track Mind"

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