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Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the executive secretary of President Nixon's Urban Affairs Council, has appointed four Harvard-connected men to be among his six assistants.

Moynihan was director of the Joint Center for Urban Studies and a member of the Institute of Politics of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy School of Government before Nixon appointed him.

Two of Moynihan's aides are former fellows of the Institute: Stephen Hess, author of a Nixon biography and a former Eisenhower aide-whose name had been disclosed earlier-and Christopher C. DeMuth, former secretary of the Ripon Society and a member of the staff of Sen. Charles Percy (R-III.).

Also named was Richard Blumenthal '67, former editorial chairman of the CRIMSON and last year assistant to Katherine Graham, publisher of the Washington Post. Blumenthal, who coined the term "New Middle," wrote his senior honors thesis on the Moynihan Report.

John Price '62 is the fourth Harvard man among the aides. Price is the only black on the staff. He is 30 years old and a New York lawyer.

The other two assistants are Michael C. Monroe, who served on Nixon's campaign staff, and Leonard S. Zartman, an attorney formerly with Eastman Kodak Company.

The President convened the Urban Affairs Council for the first time yesterday after signing an executive order to create it.

Other members of the Council are Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development George Romney, and Secretary of Transportation John A. Volpe.

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