(The following statement, composed by the editors of several Ivy League student newspapers, is supported in substance by the editorial board of the Harvard CRIMSON.)

Over the last decade the United States has waged a brutal and pointless war against the land and people of Vietnam, killing hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and Americans and supporting a series of repressive military governments. Now, it appears, the nightmare is beginning again in Laos and Thailand. The killing in Southeast Asia must be stopped.

President Nixon has violated his promise to the American people and chosen to pursue the discredited policies of Lyndon Johnson. We must stand together, he tells us to secure an "honorable" peace. In attempts to appease his opponents and buy time for his disastrous policies, the President has announced token troop withdrawals and illusory draft cuts.

But we will not be fooled by these gestures so long as the war continues. It is too late to salvage honor in Vietnam. We demand the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Vietnam and the rest of Southeast Asia.

To this end, a national moratorium "on business as usual" has been called for October 15 and November 13-14, with a march on Washington scheduled for November 15. We will join our teachers and fellow students on those days for a nation-wide demonstration of protest. We call on all Americans to join us.