SMC Asking University To Close on 15th

Certain pro-Moratorium opponents of the SMC point to a YSA 1965 discussion bulletin, intended not to go outside YSA, concerning "infiltration of anti-war movements by YSA."

The bulletin was obtained by Gordon Hall, a professional opponent of extremist groups quoted in the Boston Globe as saying of Camejo, "It is one thing to oppose the war. It's another thing to march with Viet Cong Flags."

Hard Sell

One section of the bulletin reads: YSAers began to learn through their experiences in the march [1965 march on Washington] how to become the best builders of a principled anti-war protest while at the same time being the best propagandists for socialism. This was demonstrated by the hard work we put into organizing buses, selling buttons, passing out leaflets, and so on for the march and then at the march openly selling far more socialist literature than all of our opponents put together could sell or give away."

"What does infiltration mean?" Osborne said last night. "We're socialist revolutionaries committed to total and immediate withdrawal-of course the way to achieve this is to join with other peace movements. We think the SMC is the best and most principled group with which to build the anti-war movement."

"Who cares if they're infiltrating, anyway?" added one Moratorium spokesman. "They're helping us, aren't they?"