Mia Is Pregnant

NEW YORK-Actress Mia Farrow is expecting a baby by Andre Previn, composer and conductor of the London symphony, a spokesman for Previn said yesterday.

Miss Farrow, 23, is the former wife of Frank Sinatra, Previn, 40, has two daughters by his first wife and is separated from his second.

Mexico Seizes Pot Spot

MEXICO CITY-The Mexican Army has occupied a 250-acre marijuana farm located in the southern state of Oaxaca, the Mexican Secretary of Defense reported yesterday. The army has recently assigned 5000 troops to assist the Federal police in seizures of drug fields.

The farm equipped with an airport, is known by local workers to have been run by American citizens who transported their produce by air to the United States. The operators their identities undisclosed, escaped by helicopter shortly before the arrival of the army patrol.

A drug blockade of the Mexican border under way since September 27, has caused official Mexican protests. In response, a joint American-Mexican conference since announced that the United States would "adjust" its inspections to alleviate unnecessary delays.

Fast for the Pill


LOS ANGELES-On the eve of the Vietnam Moratorium, a California protest group is dramatically reminding the nation of another pressing problem-overpopulation.

One hundred concerned citizens are entering the third day of their weeklong fast, a pessimistic preview of man's fate in an overpopulated world.

Temptation from the restaurant and supermarket on either side of the Hunger Show has already claimed 20 protesters. The hundred which remain are sustained inside a transparent plastic enclosure by water rations and emergency health services.

Denmark Ties Threatened

WASHINGTON-The friendly diplomatic relations between the United States and Denmark were endangered Sunday when two U.S. GI's sought political asylum in Denmark.

Saying they had deserted the U.S. Army to avoid being sent to Vietnam the two men: asked for asylum-the first to do so in this Scandinavian country.

U.S. Army Headquarters identified the men as Spec 4 Reginald R. Alderton, 22, of St. Charles, III.; and Pvt. Ted H. Price, 20, of Chesterland, Ohio. Both men said they had orders to go to Vietnam.

Denmark Justice Minister Knud Thestrup said he would take the case under advisement. Sources say U.S. reaction is a major concern. In response to Sweden providing sanctuary to U.S. servicemen, Washington withdrew its ambassador from Stockholm.

New Senate Dove

HANOVER, N.H.-Sen. Thomas J. Mclntyre (D-N.H.) a longtime hawk, reversed his stance Monday and urged a quick Vietnam pullout in order to save our nation from "tearing itself apart."

Mclntyre provided the crucial vote last spring for passage of the ABM bill. He said that the "psychological cost of this war has become simply too much to bear."

The Senator said that dissent is not limited "to a handful of unkempt yippies raising hell," but "lies deep within this nation's vitals." He endorsed the October 15 Moratorium in the hope that it might "give the President that essential broad base of constructive support which will enable him to move with boldness, decision and dispatch to do the nation's obvious bidding."

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