Varsity to Disregard Moratorium; Coaches Predict Normal Practice

Despite the Moratorium today, football practice is scheduled for the regular time, and players are expected to be there.

"It's just another Wednesday at Harvard-for Harvard football, that is," coach John Yovicsin said yesterday afternoon. He explained that if someone does not come to practice, he will send people to get him just as he usually does. Yovicsin said that no one has complained to him about having the practice.

Tranquil Team

Apparently, the team is not too upset about the plans for practice, which starts about 5 p.m. It may be that the players are satisfied with the time they will have before the workout, "We expected to have practice." Eliot Nierman said.

The team might have been able to practice in the morning instead, but since Harvard did not officially call off classes. it was not possible. The coaches were reported to be in favor of the morning workout if there were no classes.

Football Forevermore

"The war might end, but Harvard football will go on." said defensive tackle Ed Sadler.


There is a regular workout posted for the cross-country team, but captain Keith Colburn said that the decision whether or not to participate is an individual one.

Soccer coach Bruce Munro made no mention of the Moratorium, according to Solomon Gomez. Practice will be as usual, and Munro could not be reached for further comment.

All three teams travel to Ithaca, N.Y., Friday for contests on Saturday with Cornell. The Crimson is favored in all competition.