YPSL to Picket at Revenue Office In Demonstration for Tax Reform

The Harvard Young People's Socialist League (YPSL) will join other Boston YPSL chapters in a demonstration for tax reform today.

From noon to 2 p.m., students and workers will picket in front of the Boston Federal Building, which contains the I.R.S. offices.

The demonstrators are demanding specific changes in tax policy, including increasing taxes on capital gains, plugging up tax loopholes like the oil depletion allowance, and criminating the taxation of families below the federally-determined poverty level.

Disenssing the group's participation, Henry D. Fetter '71, Harvard-YPSL executive board member, said YPSL hopes to revive "the old New Deal coalition of labor unions, blacks, lower middle-class whites, and the liberal middle class."

The International Ladies Garment Workers Union and the Packinghouse Workers Union have supplied funds and picketers in support of today's demonstration.

During the past week, YPSL has distributed several leaflets, including one.

"The Case for Tax Justice," that was prepared by the AFL-CIO.

Unites Poor

The tax issue, Fetter said, should appeal especially to lower middle-class whites, who believe that "welfare chiselers" are stealing their badly-missed tax money.

We need more money for the war on poverty." Fetter said. "and we can't get it from people who haven't any. Only the very rich profit from the present tax system. Blacks and whites can unite behind this issue."