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By Jeff Magalif

Eric M. Mann and two other members of the Weatherman faction of SDS were arrested by the Cambridge police at 11:30 a.m. yesterday for their alleged participation in last month's violent disruption of Harvard's Center for International Affairs (CFIA).

Mann, Henry A. Olson, and Philip C. Nies were taken into custody in the Old Cambridge Baptist Church after a press conference which Mann had called there. At the conference Mann said that the Weathermen "take full responsibility for the CFIA bust."

After Mann read a statement to reporters and answered some questions, Sergeant James A. Roseoe, a Cambridge detective, served him with seven warrants, Olson with two warrants, and Nies with one. The three were arraigned at 2 p.m. in Third District Court before Judge Edward M. Viola; their case was continued until a hearing on November 12.

House of Correction

Mann, Olson and Nies-all of whom live in Cambridge-were then taken to the Middlesex County House of Correction in Billerica, where they stayed last night. They have all posted bail-Mann for $2500, Olson for $750, and Nies for $500.

In his statement at the conference, Mann said that "only by fighting back can we show that people oppose the [Vietnam] war in growing numbers." He added, however, that "we're not martyrs; there is a time to fight and a time to talk."

Minutes later, Roscoe presented Mann with the seven warrants-three for assault and battery, two for disturbing the peace. one for disturbing a school assembly, and one for defacing a school building. Roscoe advised him of his legal rights, and Mann surrendered peacefully.

Olson and Nies were recognized at the Baptist Church from John Doe warrantsfor unidentified persons which the Cambridge police had issued shortly after the CFIA disruption. Olson is wanted on two counts of assault and battery and one of disturbing the peace, Nies on one count of disturbing the peace.

Boston Warrants, Too

The Boston police have issued warrants for all three for their alleged participation in the October 1 disruption of Boston English High School. The charge is assault and battery by means of dangerous weapons, a felony. The warrant for Mann was issued October 1, those for Olson and Nies yesterday.

"The minute they walk out the gate at Billerica on bail, the Boston police will arrest them," Roseoe said yesterday.

Mann was arrested in Montpelier. Vt,. on October 7 on charges of petty larceny. He was released from the Washington County Jail on $2300 bond last week; "someone in Vermont put up his house to raise the money for Mann." Roscoe said.

Judge John Conarn of Washington District Court, Barre. Vt.. said that Mann could leave the county, on condition that he give himself up to the Cambridge police, and Mann agreed.

Seven Are Wanted

Warrants were issued by the Cambridge police for seven people shortly after the CFIA disruption: Mann was the only one identified by name. The police have since established the identifies of all but one of the group.

Three people who have been identified the police as involved in the incident but are not in custody. They are Jill H. Wattenburg of Urbana, HI., Mark Alabaster, and Phillis Hill.

Miss Wattenburg was also arrested in Montpelier on the petty larceny charges. She was released from Washington County Jail on October 9 after raising $300 bail, and "has now taken off," according to Roscoe. Miss Wattenburg is wanted on two charges of assault and battery, and one of disturbing the peace.

Alabaster is wanted on two counts of assault and battery, and two of disturbing the peace. Miss Hill is wanted on one count of assault and battery, and one of disturbing the peace.

The seventh person wanted by the Cambridge police in connection with the CFIA disruption has been charged only with disturbing the peace. "We know the places he frequents and are waiting for a chance to apprehend him," Roscoe said.

The Cambridge police were planning before yesterday to send someone to Montpelier next Monday in order to bring Mann back to Cambridge on a governor's warrant of rendition.

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