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Soaking Up the Bennies

By Bennett H. Beach

A lot of the guys who write these prediction columns make a point of smearing their percentage of correct picks all over the column. Patent Trader's Ron Melancon does it, too. I like to think of myself as being a bit above such vanity. You don't have to keep pushing a figure in the reader's face for him to realize that you're a great.

Today is one of your very basic big Ivy League Saturdays. There are no less than three, and no more than three, important contests today. Brown and Columbia will have a week to work out some wrinkles in their play with non-league teams Colgate and Rutgers. If all goes well, I'll pick the three big winners. I've been having closed door sessions with the magical Captain Crunch all week, and we think we've reached some reasonable decisions. I feel particularly safe in forecasting a 23-2 win for the CRIMSON over the Dartmouth Daily.

PRINCETON-PENN: Penn is giving one of the most dramatic demonstrations ever of the importance of holding Blue Cross protection. The Quakers have lost three quarterbacks plus assorted others. Though they have won three of four games, it was through good fortune, and in a game against really good opposition, Dartmouth crushed them, 41-0. Last week, Penn snack by Lehigh. Second quarterback Mike Hickok may play, but the Red and Blue will need more help than that. Princeton has shown signs of progress, and should be mad after losing to Colgate last week. Penn coach Bob Odell, to say nothing of Roy Orbison, is running scared. Keep running, coach. Princeton, 21-13.

COLUMBIA-RUTGERS: Remember when Stymie of Little Rascals fame said to his mule. "Comon, Algebar, this ain't no place for you." Remember. Well, if Columbia coach Frank Navarro told his club his real sentiments before this game at Rutgers, that's about what he'd say. But he probably won't, and the game will go on. Rich Policastro will throw 50 passes or so, completing at least 15 or 20, and that should about do it. Both teams have injuries, but Columbia's are worse. Navarro's a nice guy, so it's a real shame to see it happen this way, but happen it must, maybe 35-10, for the glorified University of Jersey.

CORNELL-YALE: Cornell's coming off a pretty fair Saturday, but so is Yale. Both teams are better than anyone expected, and all of a sudden my heart sings. In a sentimental throwback to the marvelous years of Mantle and Maris, Yale is referring to Joe Massey and Don Martin as its M and M boys. Ingenious. Cornell's M boy, Ed Marinaro, is also pretty good. The big thing here is, can Cornell's great rushing attack overcome Yale's great defense against rushing? Neither team can afford to lose. The Big Red is coming fast, and it would be nice to have Yale's long unbeaten streak of Ivy games end, but Yale, playing in the Bowl, looks like the winner, 28-17. Word is that the halftime show is going to be a thriller, too. Bri Dowling is scheduled to ascend to Heaven while Johnny Tillotson sings a medley of "Poetry in Motion" and "Earth Angel."

BROWN-COLGATE: Poor old Brown. For once the Bruins have a good team, and then a whole bunch of guys get hurt. They spotted Dartmouth a 24-0 lead in 17 minutes time, then tried to catch up. Not a good game plan. That's like Faye Ray letting King Kong hold her hand, and then thinking she can get away. Word is, at least, that Bob Flanders and Gerry Hart will be back in the Brown linkup, and that could make a significant difference. On the other hand, passing is what the Bruins need, and passing is what can hurt Colgate. But, of course, the so-called Red Raiders are probably still on a little ego trip after upsetting Princeton. Once again. I will stick my neck out for Brown, 28-24.

HARVARD-DARTMOUTH: I am not a man susceptible to illusion. I observe, analyze, study, always with an eye to rationality. Coach Yovicsin, captain Cramer. Richie Szaro, I want you to win. I have your welfare and happiness in mind. I also have the standards of my profession, the heights of my reputation, in mind. The Indians are great runners, good passers, and able defenders of their goal line. Harvard's a bit better defensively, but is clearly second best everywhere else. In "Tell Laura I Love Her." Tommy entered this stock car race, in which he had little chance, so that he might win and thus buy Laura a diamond ring. High aspirations, good try, and all that, but now Tommy's dead and Laura's an old maid. Dartmouth, 31-14.

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