Medical School Appoints 2 Deans

Harvard Medical School announced Monday the apointments of two associate deans. Both will advise Med School Dean Robert H.Ebert on community relation.

Stephen J. Miller, associate professor of Medical Sociology, will become associate dean for Urban Affairs.

Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, associate professor of Psychiatry, will replace Joseph W. Gardella as associate dean of Student Affairs, following Gardella's promotion to dean of Students. Poussaint will be available to counsel students problems while also working with Miller on issues involving the community.

Miller will be specifically concerned with the Med School's relations with tenanis of Harvard-owned housing units.

Letting the People Speak

Miller said he hopes to supply a direct link from the tenants to the Med School so that the demands and needs of these people can be heard. This information will be taken into consideration when the Med School constructs new policies and programs, he added.


Poussaint's responsibilities as Associate Dean of Student Affairs will include counseling, admissions duties, and membership on the Medical School's Student-Faculty Committee. Poussaint said he hopes that student grievances and opinions which are aired in the committee

can be re-channeled through the appropriate bodies and, as a result the desired changes instituted.

Miller said he plans to give personal attention to the problem of tuition assistance for minority groups. The Summer Health Careers Program. fomerly administered by an ad hoc committee. will be another of his main concerns.

He added that his appointment was a logical ontgrowth of his work as assistant director of the Harvard University Center for Community Health and Medical Care where he avaluates existing Medical School programs from a sociological point of view.