Play Director Drafted; Production Cancelled

The Loeb Drama Center has cancelled a play. After the Rain, because the director David M. Baughan 70 was called up to serve his two years active duty in the Navy.

Baughan quit the Naval ROTC program this September. He said that a cruise to Guantanamo and Key West last summer convinced him to make this decision.

David Boorstin 71, director of the newly scheduled play, Morning, Noon, and Night said, "Baughan expected to becalled up eventually, but thought he'd at least be able to finish the semester."

A 'Regular'

Baughan was enrolled in the four-year "regular" subsidized program of NROTC, under which the Defense Department pays full tuition and additional expenses. As a freshman in the program, a student must enlist in the National Reserves, and after the first two years is legally committed to the Reserves.


So long as the student remains in the program, he is not called to active duty.

Banghan reported Wednesday to New port. Rhode Island where he will undergo a physical and start preparation for his two years of active duty. He has not received a specific assignment as yet.

The final decision to cancel the play came from Robert Chapman Director of the Loeb Drama Center. and Andre Bishop. President of the Harvard Dramatic Club.

Many members of the cast are now engaged in other productions. Boorstin said. "We were all disappointed, but it is not a total disaster for the cast."