Rolling Stones to Play In Boston Next Month

The fabulous, groovy, and out-of-sight Rolling Stones will give a concert at the Boston Garden on Saturday. November 29, 15,000 tickets will go on sale when the box office opens November 8.

Their concert here will follow a two night engagement at Madison Square Garden in New York City. No other group has yet signed to appear with them.

On Wednesday morning, a crowd of two thousand. many of whom had been waiting throughout the night, were on hand for the opening of the Madison Square

Garden box office in New York. Within hours, the more than 30,000 seats available for the Stones two performances were entirely sold out.

The last time the Stones appeared in this area was in the spring of 1966, when they gave an unscheduled concert on an open-air football field in Lynn. Near the end of the performance as they went into "Satisfaction." several hundred of the 10.000 spectators surged through police lines and blocked the Stones' exit route.


Police quickly cleared a path and the group entered their limousine but they were again surrounded by the crowd. Police began to explode tear gas: and a riot nearly ensued. The group managed to escape without injury.

The Boston Garden will take mail orders beginning November 3. Tickets are priced from $4.50 to $7.50.