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When certain privileged Brazilian cows get pregnant, they'll have Harvard men to thank for it.

Two University students and nine recent graduates are now in the business of exporting bull semen to Brazil, for use in an artificial insemination program to increase the country's dairy production.

The company they formed-Inter-American Research and Development Corporation-is the sole Brazilian agent for Atlantic Breeders Co-operative, of Lancaster, Pa. Atlantic raises stud bulls, then harvests and freezes their semen in liquid nitrogen to a temperature of -365 F.

Then Inter-American, four of whose stockholders are Fly Club members, takes over and exports the frozen semen to Brazil, where a subsidiary sells individual ampoules to Brazilian dairy farmers. "One ampoule will impregnate one cow if the insemination process is successful," said Jorge E. DeNoronha '70, treasurer of Inter-American Research.

The semen enters Brazil free of tariffs, since the Ministry of Agriculture is especially concerned about dairy production, said Carlos E. Cessermelli '71, a shareholder in the corporation. Artificial insemination from well-bred bullscan improve dairy products in two ways: it can increase milk production and improve the physical appearance of the herd, particularly in the arch of the hind legs.

De?oronha said he anticipates juicy profits from the operation.

Cessermelli added. "An ampoule of semen here in the United States might cost 85 cents. while you might sell it for $5 in Brazil." The exact profits. however, will depend on several variables, including transportation costs, how much semen the bull can produce, and the desirability of the bull's characteristics.

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