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Phi Beta Kappa


Twenty-four Harvard and sixteen Radcliffe seniors have been named to the Phi Beta Kappa Society, it was announced yesterday. James M. Fallows, of Adams House and Redlands, Cal., president of the CRIMSON, and Nina Bernstein of Shepard Hall and New York City, a CRIMSON editor, were among those elected on November 25. See page 5 for the names of others elected

Also elected from Harvard were Joseph H. Blatt. of Winthrop House and Indian- apolis, Ind.. Peter M. Blumberg, of Kirkland House and Winchester, Nils M. P. d'Aulaire, of Dunster House and Wilton, Conn., Robert K. Emerson, Jr., of Adams House and Hancock Point, Maine, Christopher G. Fanta. of Lowell House and Brooklyn. N. Y., and Theodore S. Feldman. of Lowell House and Waban

Also Robert A. Fishman. of Lowell House and Chestnut Hill. Richard A. Frank. of Quincy House and Flushing. N. Y., Gregory B. Gabriel. of Quincy House and Oceanside, Cal.. Ary L. Goldberger. of Kirkland House and Scarsdale. N. Y., Robert E. Harding. Jr., of Adams House and Minneapolis, Minn., and Michael C. Harper of Dunster House and Boca Raton, Fla.

Also, Philip A. Kelsey of Leverett House and San Francisco, Lewis C. Lipson, of Winthrop House and Bronz. N. Y., Albert B. Masters, of Dunster House and Norfolk, Va., Jeffrey S. Padnos, of Dunster House and Holland, Mich., Erie Redman, of Lowell House and Seattle, Wash., and Leslie E. Schwah, of Quincy House and Ann Arhor. Mich.

Also. Eric D, Siggia, of Adams House and Amherst. Lee R. G. Snyder. of Eliot House and Huron. S. D., Reilly L. Stonecipher, of Winthrop House and Baton Rouge. La., Peter M. Thomas, of Winthrop House and New York City, and Joseph P. Walcoti, of Adams House and Wooster Ohio.

Radcliffe girls included Wendy M. Singer. of Eliot Hall and Tort Washington. N. Y., Linda M. Marsella. of Wolbach Hall and Mamaroneck. N. Y.. Karren M. Nelson. of Comstock and Bethesda. Md. Deborah A. Frank. of Eliot Hall and Balto. Md.. Diana O. Pinto. of Wolbach Hall and New York City. and Claire A. Vivola. of Avon House and Easthampton. N. Y.

Also. Kirsten E. Mishkin. of Eliot Hall and Amberst, Valerie N. Wolk of Wolbach Hal and Kensington. Pa., Dianamtin, of 12 Walker St. and Washington. D. C., Elizabeth G. Traube, of 65 Eustis St. and New York City, and Amy Gutmann. of Bertram Hall and Munroe, N. Y.

Also. Elizabeth R. McKinsey, of 15 Wendell St. and Columbia, Mo.. Linnea K. Holmer of Comistock Hall and Hamden. Conn.. Ellen Messer of Shepard Hall and Cluster, N. J., and Isabel M. Gilman, of 27 Myrtle Ave. and Cambridge.

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