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SECT. I.Of Prudence in a Trade.


ANd the firft of them is Prudence, or Diferetion. It is faid, Pfal. 112.5. A good Manfbeweth F?vour, and lenderb; be will guide his Affairs with Difererion, (or Judgment). Now this Prudence is an Habit of the Mind, inabling a good Man to dis?ose of bis outward Affairs, in the most con??odi??s man?er. It is not that carnal Subtilly, which teaches a Man to get an Eftate by hook or crook; but that godly Wifdom, which is confiftent with a good Confcience. When the Apoftle, James 3.17. mentions the Wisdom which is from above; he plainly implies that there is a Wifdom which is from below . And as the former is the Gift of God, who gives it liberally to thofe that ask it, as Solomon did; fo the latter is earthly, fenfual, and devilif? . Subtilty is nothing elfe but Wifdom degenerate; and Prudence is only Subtilty ftrain'd and purg'd from all Injuftice.

Now true Prudence and Piety were always very good Friends. He, that was Imocency it felf, commended a Serpent's Eye in a Dove's Head: Mat. 10.16. Be ye therefore mife as Ser???, and ???lefs as Doves . Doves, not to hurt or wrong others; Serpents, not to be hurt or wronged

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