The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

To eat in Lehman Hall these days one has to participate in an uncomfortable and unfriendly contest of self-conscious males whose attire is geared to unpicturesque extremes, whose hairdos are often unflattering, and whose degree of affection renders them unapproachable.

These boys are objects, whether they are dandies or exotics. They are trying not to do the real and natural human thing--to reach one another. These costumes add up to one thing: a pitiful attempt to be noticed in this competitive community of ours. To be witnessed, but not to be vulnerable. To be seen and not touched. It is an expression of vanity so transparent that it is embarrassing to watch. A thousand barriers protect these egos from one another.

They don't even have the instinct for dress and appearance that girls have. They are merely begging to be looked at. But if we don't, they can still hide behind their shades and say, See if I care. Judith Koivumaki '67