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An experimental program whereby Cliffies would be allowed to eat at the Freshman Union on interhouse is being postponed indefinitely.

F. Skiddy von Stade '38, dean of freshmen, said in an interview yesterday that the experiment, planned for March, "is being postponed probably for the rest of the year." At the present time, Cliffies are allowed to eat Union food only on weekends.

The reason von Stade gave for postponing the experiment was that the Union would overflow if interhouse were instituted. He explained that when the Dunster House kitchen is closed in April for renovation, Dunster residents will fill the Union to Capacity.

Von Stade pointed out that he will continue to let Cliffies eat box lunches in the Union. When Cliffies began to eat their own lunches in the Union last Fall, von Stade instructed the porters not to throw the girls out.

Von Stade will, however, crack down on those girls who are being smuggled free meals. He said that because of three or four instances of food smuggling, he is going to write a letter to the porters and dining hall checkers, instructing them to be careful that no girls get Union food without paying for it.

William Guenther '72, chairman of the Freshmen Relations Council, who is preparing a report on an experimental Union interhouse program, said he is "Optimistic" about interhouse despite von Stade's postponement.

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