'Cliffe Board Will Discuss Coed Housing

Mrs. Bunting Calls A Special Meeting

Mary I. Bunting, president of Radcliffe, has called a special meeting of the college's 40 trustees to consider coeducational housing.

The decision was a result of Monday's Radcliffe Council meeting at which two students presented arguments for coed housing. It was the first time the Council, composed of ten trustees and Mrs. Bunting, has discussed the issue.

Although the Council has final authority, it has called the trustees' meeting to ask their view on the subject. "The Council thought this was a suggestion which really should be considered seriously," Mrs. Bunting said yesterday. The trustees usually meet only three times a year.

If the trustees and the Council record themselves in favor of coed housing, Mrs. Bunting will approach the Harvard Administration to discuss the issue further.

Judith T. Seligson '72, one of the students who spoke on Monday, urged a coeducational "experiment" as soon as possible.

The trustees will probably not discuss specific suggestions, Mrs. Bunting said. "I think that now it's at the stage of whether or not we want coed housing."

Mrs. Bunting said that the issue of merger with Harvard, which President Pusey has reportedly called a prerequisite for coed housing, was not discussed Monday. The only official connection between Harvard and Radcliffe is an agreement that Harvard will instruct Radcliffe students for 90 per cent of the $2000 tuition per student.