Squash Team Downs Williams, 8-1; Next Two Weeks May Be Crucial

The varsity squash team overwhelmed a rugged Williams squad yesterday by the score of 8-1 and moved one step closer to its second consecutive national squash title.

In six league matches this year Harvard has lost only two individual matches, both five-game heartbreakers suffered by senior Michel Schienmann.

In yesterday's match, Schienmann staged a brilliant comeback, rallying from a 2-0 deficit in games. In that stretch, Schienmann shifted into an aggressive, less orderly style of play. He cut nearly every ball off at mid-court and forced Ben Heckscher of Williams to play from the backcourt where his drop shots and corner shots were less effective.

In the fifth game, Schienmann led 7-2 and 10-8, but Heckscher ran off 6 straight points, aided somewhat by some carelessly aimed volleys by Schienmann.

At one and two, Harvard's Anil Nayar and Larry Terrell dominated play, as expected. Terrell was somewhat lethargic in the first game, since he just returned from an excursion to Bombay, where he ran into some health problem. However, he pulled the first game out, 15-13 and went on to win, 3-0.


Fritz Hobbes and Fernando Gonzales at 3 and 5 respectively never gave their opponents a chance to get into the match. Both played steady, intelligent squash, keeping their opponents chasing their shots.

John Ince at number six had somewhat more difficulty but managed to win in five games. Ed Atwood, Peter Abrams, and Steve Whitman, at 7, 8, and 9, respectively, all won handily.

Harvard's season will either be made or broken in the coming two weeks as it faces away matches at Navy, Penn and Princeton. These three are considered to be the toughest opponents. Very likely the national championship will be decided by the outcome of these three matches.