Ford Invites 3 HRPC Students Before Faculty

Dean Ford yesterday invited three members of the Harvard-Radcliffe policy Committee to attend the part of the March 4 Faculty meeting which will consider the HRPC resolution asking for students with full voting rights on the Fainsod Committee.

Ford phoned Donald J. Gogel '71, chairman of the HRPC, and invited three HRPC members to the next Faculty meeting, after the Fainsod Committee yesterday afternoon had requested Ford to do so. Under Faculty rules adopted during the ROTC debate, a student can attend a Faculty meeting if Dean Ford invites him.

At present, the former heads of the GSA, HUC, SFAC, and HRPC serve on the Fainsod Committee only in a consultative status.

The Fainsod Committee is divided into two subcommittees: one for internal Faculty affairs and the other for student-Faculty relations. The four students cannot vote, and can participate only on the subcommittee for student-Faculty relations.

In a February 11 letter to the Faculty, Kenneth M. Kaufmann '69, former chairman of the HRPC, stated that the HRPC does not think there are any issues "that are strictly 'internal to the Faculty,' and that on every issue students could contribute a valuable viewpoint and perspective.


The HRPC will elect its three representatives when it meets Monday afternoon.