"Mummy's here!"

"I know Mrs. Poulos told me." Sitvar kicked the door shut behind him and carried Ro over to the sink, where Frishta was doing dishes. "So you're back again."

"Seems so."

Sitvar put Ro down. "Do your crayons, kiddo." The walls of the room were covered with crayon drawings. Ro ran to the large table by the evening window. "I hear you had a bit of trouble getting Ro from Mrs. Poulos. She was quite upset."

"Crazy Greek woman. He's my child, not hers."


"Then again, who is it takes care of him every day? I've noticed the two of you have differing opinions on motherhood."

"Sitvar, please. Why start?"

"I suppose you're right." Sitvar mused. "If I had some bird here full time you couldn't quite pop in and out, could you?"

"Please." Frishta pulled the plug out of the sink.

"You're cooking."



"Spaghetti sauce."

"Didn't know I had any."

"You didn't. I bought it."