"Where'd you get money?"

"I've been modelling."

"Clothes or nude?"


"Surely not for artists. For dirty old men with cameras and no film?"


"London Art School."

"Well, keep it up. I was fired today. Lyons and Lyons no longer requires my services."

"What happened?"

"What color is a frog?"

"Any color you want, sweetheart. Green, traditionally."

"I'll make it blue."

Won't it get lost in the water?"

"Oh, daddy!"

"What happened?"

"Carl though--Carl is the dishwasher, nice chap, might score some mescaline from him--Carl brought a couple of joints which we were having in the back room when the manager walks in, of course. He claimed we were lucky he didn't report us to the proper authorities.' Proper authorities, hell. I wonder where he learned to recognize the smell."